Notice - Billing Telehealth Services

May 8, 2020

Dear Friends, Patients and Clients,

Among the casualties resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic has been how it has altered the way Health Care Providers deliver your health care. Adhering to guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, the Maryland Department of Health and Governor Hogan, the Health Care Providers at Clinical Associates have significantly reduced the number of patients that we see in our offices and the number of medical and surgical procedures that we perform.

As we move forward, we continue to be accessible to you both in the office and from afar but we have had to start billing for services like provider telephone calls and tele-health visits. These are permitted to us by all thecommercial and government health insurance companies and are covered benefits for you, though they are subject to your copayments and deductibles. Economically, we cannot stay in business without charging for and being paid for these services. Most of these charges are based on the amount of time devoted to the encounter. This will continue at least until we return to a new normal. We realize that this is quite different for all of us and may be uncomfortable.

It is said that the only thing constant in life is change. This is yet another adaptation to help us deal with the COVID-19 epidemic. We asked for your understanding and look forward to continuing to provide your care.

Gary A. Manko MD FACP
Clinical Associates