Telehealth Visits

Mostly all of our providers at Clinical Associates are scheduling TELEHEALTH VISITS. You would schedule a visit by simply calling your Clinical Associates' Healthcare Provider's Office or emailing them using your Clinical Associates' PATIENT PORTAL

Please see below for what you will need in order to have a telehealth visit with your Healthcare Provider. Each Provider will have a preference on the best video application to use, so please call your Healthcare Provider's office prior to downloading any applications. 


Cellular Telephone:

  • An I-Phone that includes Facetime which is a video application already included within the I-phone or you may download and use any other free applications as listed below for an Android 
  • An Android cellular phone with or having the ability to download free video applications such as ZoomSkypeFacebook Video Messenger or Google Duo - (Click each for directions on how to download)Android cell phones are not compatible with the FaceTime video application. 

Computer PC, laptop or I-Pad with:

  • Audio either built into the computer of speakers attached to the computer
  • Visual either built into the computer or a visual device hooked into your computer