We're Here to Make
Being Healthy Easier

Our Philosophy of Integrated Care

At Clinical Associates, we focus on your entire medical well being.

We know what's wrong with today's medical care - the decreased communications between physicians and specialists, the constant juggling of multiple care providers and specialists, an increased over-prescribing of medicines, the rise of doctor shopping by frustrated patients, and the never-ending paperwork of insurance forms and referrals.

So, over the last forty years, we developed what's right with a medical practice: a patient-focused, multi-specialty practice staffed by more than 60 physicians and specialists.

The benefits to you are endless:

  • You have access to a seamless system of medical care - our physicians and specialists share one medical record.
  • You know what to expect when you enter one of our offices - high quality care and respectful service.
  • Your medical records and patient history are readily available to our providers.
  • Your insurance and billing information are available to our support staff.
  • You receive superior medical care because we hold our providers to the highest medical and professional standards.
  • Your referrals and appointment setting are handled in-house.
  • Most of the specialty and laboratory services that you require are all in one place.