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Executive Leadership/Administration

Executive Leadership 

Clinical Associates is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of Dr. Gary Manko (President), Mr. Mike Foster (Chief Executive Officer), Dr. Ronald Sher (Secretary), Dr. James Corkum (Gastroenterology), Dr. Albert Deloskey (Internist), Dr. Craig Gold (Internist), Dr. Elizabeth Loeb (Internist), Dr. Claudio Levin (Internist), Dr. Julie Winston (Specialist), and Dr. Richard Scholz (Ophthalmologist).  Dr. Judah Minkove (Internist) serves as Clinical Associates' Medical Advisory Committee chair


Our administration includes the following professionals:

  • Dr. Gary Manko, President
  • Mr. Mike Foster, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Erica Dipaula, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Kimberly Bennett, Director of Operations
  • Ms. Patricia Levin, Director of Human Resources
  • Ms. Mary Small, Controller